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Looking to upgrade your deck? Give us a call! :)

September 04, 2017

A new deck adds value to your property and ramps up your yard’s fun factor. We have the knowledge to provide professional replacement or new construction installation of many existing decking products, such as pressure treated wood, Azek boards, Wolf, Zuri and many more.

Here are some specifications for the most commonly used decking materials:

Wood decks – wood is strong, natural, but it requires a lot of maintenance along the years. Wood can be painted or stained, however, this will not prevent it from rotting, breaking or splintering.

Composite decks – they are made from a blend of plastic and waste wood fibers, which make it more resistant to wear and rot. It looks like wood, but it comes in many colors and it does not require painting or staining. They are more expensive than wood, however, they require less maintenance along the years.

PVC decks – pvc does not rot, fade or stain. They are less expensive than composite, but they look a lot like wood. They come in different color choices and mimics of natural wood.

Duradek – it is a waterproofing roofing membrane that can be applied over balconies, walkways, roofs and decks and it can be walked on.

Researching all the options for decking materials (material, color, texture, installation and price) can be overwhelming and time consuming, but have no fear! We will walk you through all the options from traditional wood to composite and vinyl decking boards, or even waterproofing roofing membrane. We will examine every inch of your deck, provide information on your deck’s capacity limits, identify any dangerous problem areas and give you a map of what to keep your eye on in the future.