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Painting and Waterproofing

With time, the exterior of buildings becomes a vulnerable area that can cause leaks. Some of the issues may be related to the microcracks of the exterior coating, while others can be caused by the sealant around entrances, openings, and where walls and ceilings meet.

One of the most common sealants used in residential and commercial construction is caulk. There are many different types of caulking on the market. Exterior caulking is similar to interior caulking: your goal is a neat-looking seal over cracks and gaps. However, exterior caulking deserves some extra attention. The exposure to weather elements can contribute to damage or removal of the caulk, causing damage or leaks.

Just as they do the same job, caulk and sealants fail for the same reasons: the bond between the caulk and substrate can fail, the caulk itself can tear or the substrate can break. The two most common errors made when applying a sealant are not preparing the surface properly before application or choosing the wrong product. So before choosing a product, consider how it will be used, what surface it will be applied on, and the exposure to weather elements.

Another way to prevent leaks and moisture damage is by painting. Painting is a preventative measure that is an inexpensive way to protect your property. It also allows you to give a fresh new look to your property while preventing mold growth and damaging weather conditions.

Ocean Tower Construction LLC is working with suppliers, engineers, and management companies to offer our customers the best solution for their needs. We have many samples and technical data to help with product selection, and our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the right products for your home/building.