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Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems

EIFS is the acronym for Exterior Insulation Finishing System. This system makes buildings more energy-efficient over time and is now becoming very popular among residential and most commercial property owners.

EIFS pays for itself over time. It can be shaped or molded into arches or pillars or whatever shape that is desired. EIFS is applied to the outside of the building and does not take away from the square footage of the interior of the building. It adds R-value to your building saving you money over time. EIFS is in full compliance with modern building codes that emphasize energy conservation. Through the use of continuous insulation and a continuous air barrier, EIFS products to provide maximum energy savings and reduced environmental impact over the life of the structure.

EIFS is made of three different components:

● The insulation board is typically made of polystyrene/a similar material which is attached to the wall

● The base coat goes over the insulation, reinforced with fiber-mesh

● Finish coat is the last layer applied, which makes the surfaces durable and crack resistant.

EIFS should be installed by a trained professional. This ensures a quality seal and craftsmanship needed to protect the building and your investment for years to come. Ocean Tower Construction is a trusted source for EIFS installation. Tanger Outlets, Home Goods, and many other Eastern Shore commercial and residential owners have trusted Ocean Tower Construction LLC to professionally install quality EIFS products.