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Deck Coating

Decorative coatings are used in a wide array of applications around the Eastern Shore. The benefits to these systems range from waterproofing protection to aid in the preservation of the substrate. These coatings can be used on concrete surfaces for a decorative look on walkways, balconies, pool decks, even garages. They even can be used on plywood or drywall.

We provide complete waterproofing renovation and coating services for condominiums, businesses, restaurants, apartments, homes, and new construction. We power wash, clean, recoat, and reseal existing concrete surfaces, such as:

● Decks

● Balconies

● Stairways/ Stairwells

● Pool decks

● Patios

● Garages

● Entryways

There are many systems available that are ideal for various pedestrian or vehicular traffic solutions. Aggregate can be added for traction around wet areas or for a specific type of look. Additionally, this system can be repaired in sections or recoated to extend the life of the coating. These coatings come in hundreds of colors and can even be tinted into custom colors. Much of the warranty of these systems can be based on the installer as well as the product itself.

Ocean Tower Construction is trained, experienced, and certified in the installation of these systems. Whether it is a back-yard patio deck or the 9000 square foot pool deck on the ocean at Gateway Grand, Ocean Tower is ready to fulfill your deck coating needs. We have, this year alone, applied over 40,000 square feet of decorative coating throughout Ocean City! Give us a call and see why other satisfied customers already have.