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Concrete in one form or another has been used for over 5000 years. The pyramids, Roman Coliseum and Hoover Dam are examples of concrete construction. The formulation and uses of concrete have progressed over the years. Today commonly seen examples of concrete construction include bridges, high rise buildings, highways, foundations, floor slabs and sidewalks. There are numerous ways that concrete is used in modern building construction.

In Ocean City, MD the most common types of concrete construction include poured-in-place concrete where the concrete is poured into forms on the jobsite to construct foundations, columns, beams and slabs where it sets to form the skeleton of the building. In these buildings the concrete is reinforced with standard steel reinforcing rods or bars or they can be reinforced with post-tensioned steel cables. A second way to use concrete in building construction is with precast concrete. With this method the concrete elements are built offsite and shipped to the jobsite for erection. In this type of concrete construction, the concrete is reinforced with pre-stressed or pre-stretched steel cables.

The most common use for concrete in building construction is the slab on grade where the concrete is poured on a prepared subgrade (compacted fill dirt, stone or ground that has been stripped of organic matter and topsoil) with a formed perimeter. Considering the many ways to use concrete in construction and with concrete’s strength, durability, and resistance to environmental conditions it is no wonder that there are so many buildings in the coastal region with concrete elements.

As durable as concrete is it does require maintenance, protection and eventually repair work. In addition to doing new concrete slabs, stairs, walkways and sidewalks, Ocean Tower Construction has a number of solutions to your concrete restoration, repair and protection needs. Whether your concrete needs repairs or replacement, we provide professional service and we service the following:

• Pool decks • Sidewalks • Driveways • Stairs • Patio & decks • Garage floors • Masonry walls