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Boom Lift Services

One important feature that sets a company apart from another professionally is the equipment they have. It is important to be able to access the job in the most efficient but least invasive way possible. Various lifts help us to do just that. Whether carrying materials up to rooftop level or those hard to reach places or working on exterior or interior renovations a boom lift is not only beneficial but essential to many construction applications.

Our articulating booms have a working height of over 70’, and have air, water, and electric to the platform. However, it is not only important to access the job efficiently, but to do so in the least disruptive way possible. On uneven ground our booms are ultra-lightweight and self-leveling and provide the worker a safer alternative then most other options. They are 4WD and, with no commercial driver’s license required, they can be easily transported by trailer. Oh, and did we mention that they are dual powered for indoor and outdoor use. If you need a bigger space our scissor lift boasts a 39-inch-deep by 69-inch-wide platform.

Our philosophy of providing consistent and on-time service calls is made possible by our job workflow systems, our coworkers and great equipment. We pride ourselves in our speed and quality, our equipment helps us with getting our projects done quickly and looking great! Services performed with the boom lift:

• roofing inspections, shingles replacement • siding, fascia installation • windows replacement • leak investigations, leak repairs • vent covers installation • caulking • miscellaneous repairs

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